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Genesis Travel Bags

Genesis Travel Bag Maclaren Major Elite compatible

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These Genesis Travel Bags are sized to be compatible with the Maclaren Major Elite Pushchair or similar dimension pushchair (name used for size comparison use only and other pushchairs are available).  Essentially a long and narrow stroller bag.

117cm x 23cm x 27cm Carry handles, shoulder strap and external pocket.

The market leading and Nursery Industry award winning Genesis range of special needs stroller bags are great value for money. Made in England to the highest attainable standards these bags have been assisting parents to travel for years.  Our time served designs have received great reviews and feedback.

These bags measure 117cm x 23cm x 27cm and are made from a robust water-proof material with a strong industrial zip closure, carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.  Unlike the basic umbrella stroller bags the special needs travel bags also have a handy side pocket.  

NOT JUST TO PREVENT DAMAGE! The other main function of a travel bag is to keep the contents clean and dry.  Aircraft holds are dirty places that get wet due to condensation during the flight.  Who wants to put their baby in a dirty and wet stroller at the other end?

Padded Versions:  The padded versions have upholstery grade padding inside and are lined in robust nylon.  This padding and lining offers additional protection from both the bumps and scrapes of the baggage handling systems and from the elements helping to keep the contents dry and clean.

NOTE: These bags are not armoured or indestructible and will not prevent crushing or other similar damages from occurring.  They are simply to assist you to take your own stroller and other essentials abroad etc. which is done at your own risk.


After sales customer care and BAGGAGE HANDLERS.

Please be assured that we care about our luggage as much as you care about your contents.  Our market leading reputation has been built up over fifteen years and we take great pride in our work.  Your satisfaction is our main priority.

Each Genesis bag is hand checked before being despatched.  This stringent test includes testing all fittings like zips, carry handles and shoulder straps.  Bags will reach you in perfect condition, but we insist you do not take our word for it.  Please check our workmanship on receipt.

Our bags are designed differently to others and are manufactured with baggage handling systems in mind.  We only use industrial zips and fittings and all straps have breaking strains well in excess of weights of prams, contents (or anything likely to be lifted by a human being).

Genesis bags are ergonomically designed to be carried.  With good shoulder straps and/or carry handles we have tried to make our bags as easy to carry as possible.  They are NOT designed to be dragged along as this can cause scuff marks and/or damage.  If carried as designed your bag will last way beyond pushchair/car seat travel days and become a nice sized bag for days on the beach.  TOP TIP.  Make the baggage handlers job easier by NOT overloading the bag.  We know they are spacious bags but don’t take the sink along with you!


Your Genesis Travel Bag is designed to keep the contents clean and dry and to take the brunt of airport travel bumps and knocks.  Air travel is notoriously hazardous for luggage and some handling systems are better than others. Although upsetting, it is still better that the bag suffers damage than your precious pram or car seat.   Should your Genesis bag be damaged by a third party such action is covered in our returns policy.

Please do not dishonestly try to claim the bag was received defective and/or never used.  With the greatest of respect, we are not a bag hire company.  In the past we have even had bags returned with airline tags inside when the customer stated they had not used the bag!  We are an honest and decent company, so please extend us the same courtesy.

If your bag is damaged, we are here to help.  Contact us as soon as you can and arrange for the bag to be sent back to us. Upon receipt we will tell you if a) the bag can be freely repaired or b) if it cannot we will email you with our inspection report. This report can be used to contact your airline to claim for the negligent damage done by their handlers and/or systems.  We cannot be held accountable for any third-party damage to your (our) bag, but we are happy to help you if such damage has occurred.

Have many safe flights with our bags and we hope they serve you well in their duties.

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