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Genesis Travel Bags

Genesis Draw Cord Stuff Bags

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Robust, water-proof, nylon draw cord stuff bags in a number of useful sizes.  Packing down to practically nothing these pocket sized bags could just save the day.

Loose items can easily get separated in suitcases or lost along the way.  One solution is to place them all inside a cost-effective bag.  Genesis small 35cm x 35cm draw cord stuff bags are the perfect solution.

Muddy days. That walk along a path that suddenly became a swamp.  Or the unsupervised jumping and stamping in the muddy puddle.  Getting back to the car (or hire car) to realise footwear is now going to result in a valeting bill.  Genesis medium sized 60cm x 48cm draw cord stuff bags provide the perfect footwear bag for the offending muddy shoes.  Throw them in, draw cord shut,.  No mud, no cleaning of the car required.

Mishaps can happen. Especially travelling with children.  Let us face it, all parents have to deal with accidents from infants or youngsters.  A child being sick all over their clothes, jacket etc. can be difficult to deal with in a public place like an airport.  Likewise the child that falls over in the mud or water drenching clothing.  If only you had a large draw cord bag to place the whole jacket in until you are in the home or hotel to wash and deal with it.  Genesis large 80cm x 72cm draw cord bags are the perfect solution and large enough to hold an adult jacket.  Children aren't always sick on their own clothes.

We are sure the above list is not exhaustive and positive the bags will come in handy for all manner of situations.

BESPOKE SERVICE.  If you need a bag to a certain size.  Just email.  We are here to help.

Safe journeys all.

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